Get the Inside Scoop on What Brands and Agencies Really Want

There are hundreds of thousands of influencers out there, but only a few of them are getting the types of campaigns they want.

They work hard, develop large followings and create beautiful content but still feel stuck and often contemplate giving up.

They've made all the right moves but succeeding as an influencer starts feeling like a difficult and confusing task after a while.

Becoming a successful influencer requires a bit of knowledge, insight, and strategy.  This is where most people get stuck.

That's where Influence Empowered comes in.

No matter what size following you have, whether you are looking to land your first or hundredth sponsored campaign, I can give you the tools you need to take your career to the next level.

Gain clarity, confidence and increase your brand partnerships with Influencer Empowered.

Get the inside scoop on what brands really want and what it takes to become an A+ influencer from someone who has worked on the agency side of influencer marketing.

For more information about our services and what we can do for you, please contact us below.


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My Story

Influencer Career Coach

My name is Danielle and I'm an integrated marketing professional with years of experience working on PR, Social Media and Influencer Marketing campaigns in the entertainment, lifestyle, beauty, fitness and wellness industries.

Working for brands on the agency side of influencer marketing, I found myself constantly texting and calling my influencer friends with complaints and tips that I had discovered through my experience working with influencers. I quickly saw that the industry insights I gave to influencers were exactly what they needed to further their own careers.

That's where the idea behind Influence Empowered's one-on-one career coaching service was born! 

My one-on-one coaching is your key to achieving the success you deserve as an influencer. I will help you identify and achieve your goals and through discovering everything from your niche, knowing your worth, how to negotiate your rates, how to pitch yourself for sponsored partnerships, and how to create lasting relationships with both agencies and brands.

My mission is to help influencers of all sizes and categories succeed. 

I will help you find your path, put you on it, give you the knowledge you need to succeed and see you through to the finish line.

I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to helping you!


Personalized & Strategic Approach

I'll give you the power to make the profit you deserve.


Pitch Coaching Session

The Who, What, Where, When and How of Pitching

Are your pitches getting you nowhere? Or maybe you have yet to pitch and don't know where to begin. My one-on-one customized pitch sessions will teach you the who, what, where, when and how of pitching yourself. We will cover the types of agencies and brands that you should be pitching, who to contact and how to pitch yourself through email and DMs. We will find the approach that is right for you and create a strategic plan for your success. Schedule your session today and learn the skills you need to increase your partnerships.

Relationship Building/ Networking Session

Turn Your Campaigns into Long-Lasting Relationships

You've completed your sponsored partnership, now what? One of the most important and often overlooked keys to becoming successful as an influencer is maintaining your relationships with agencies and brands.

Having worked on the agency side, I can give you the insights you need on what brands and agencies really want, the steps to take during and after a campaign to be considered an A+ influencer and how to maintain your relationships to remain top of mind for future campaigns.


Custom Coaching Session

Get the Tools You Need to Succeed

During our one-on-one custom coaching sessions I am at your absolute disposal. You can ask me any influencer marketing related question, and I will address it from a point of view that is relevant to your specific challenges and goals. 

I will help you with anything from finding your perfect niche, developing or refining your media kit, time management, when to consider getting an agent, or anything that is currently holding you back from reaching your goals.

I create strategic progress plans based on each influencer's individual goals, talents and needs, and I have options for every influencer size and budget. 



Interested in working together?

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